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Romans 4:16: The faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all… Ephesians 2:15: So as to create in Himself one new man from the two… When Jesus first taught His disciples to take communion to remember Him, there wasn’t a Gentile in sight. The followers who surrounded Jesus were Jewish. And yet for many Jews over the centuries, the cross of Christ has been a sign of terror, not love. Why so much persecution, hatred, and controversy? And why has the church of Jesus Christ often forsaken these literal brothers and sisters of Jesus? I’ve been shocked to discover how deeply the roots of anti-Semitism infiltrated the early church with tendrils that grew into evils such as the Inquisition, Nazism, and other manifestations of prejudice and hatred directed toward the children of Israel. Now I believe the Lord is opening the eyes of His church to its Jewish roots. My passion and prayer is that my brothers and sisters in the church will fall in love with the Jewish people and realize the debt we owe them. That one day all Jewish people will know the love of Jesus through His body, the church, and will embrace Him as their Messiah. Oh Lord, Father of Jew and Gentile, we pray that we will recognize and be grateful for the origins of our faith. That we will love the Jewish people so deeply and sincerely that they will see the love of Jesus through us and will come to know their Messiah. Teach us our history and our heritage. Guide us in knowing what to do with this knowledge

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Pastor Ray Bentley

Love God. Love People. Pastor Ray Bentley lived by those words. His love for the Lord and the people he served was demonstrated every day through his actions, leadership, ministry, teaching, sharing, and caring.

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