In The Beginning 
Genesis 1:1

Let There Be Light
Genesis 1:2-13

Let Us Make Man 
Genesis 1:14-27

In Our Image
Genesis 1:26-31

How To Find Rest
Genesis 2:1-7

Return To Eden
Genesis 2:8-14

God and Trees
Genesis 2:15-17

A Woman Unashamed
Genesis 2:18-25

The Marriage Covenant
Genesis 2:24-25

Our Savior
Genesis 3:1-15

Gods Amazing Love
Genesis 3:16-24

Am I My Brothers Keeper
Genesis 3:16-24

Faith In God
Genesis 4:7-26

Gems In The Genealogy
Genesis 5

The Real Giants
Genesis 6:1-8

How To Please God
Genesis 6:9-22

Come To The Ark
Genesis 7

When God Remembers
Genesis 8

The Sign Of His Love
Genesis 9:1-17

Starting Over
Genesis 9:18-29

Tower vs Temple
Genesis 10-11

Abrahamic Blessing
Genesis 12:1-9

Detour In Egypt
Genesis 12:10-20

Abraham Blessed Again
Genesis 13

Genesis 14

Take The Next Step
Genesis 15:1-10

Next Steps Part II
Genesis 15:8-20

How Trust Grows
Genesis 16

The Promises of God
Genesis 17

The Deeds of Abraham
Genesis 18:1-15

Stand In The Gap
Genesis 18:16-32

How Did I Get Here
Genesis 19

Pants on Fire
Genesis 20

Family Feud
Genesis 21

The Test Of Trust
Genesis 22

Trust That Changes Everything
Genesis 22 – Part 2

What Will Your Legacy Be?
Genesis 23

The Bride of Messiah
Genesis 24:1-35

The Bride of Messiah Pt.2
Genesis 24:36-67

Faith Grows
Genesis 25

God Proves Isaac
Genesis 26

Trusting God: Pt.1
Genesis 27

Shadows Of The Messiah
Genesis 27

Stairway To Heaven
Genesis 28

The Strength Of Love
Genesis 29

Finding The Missing Piece
Genesis 30

Listening To God
Genesis 31

Genesis 32

A New Identity
Genesis 33

Spiritual Leadership
Genesis 34-36

Jesus In Genesis
Genesis 37

Family Values
Genesis 38

The Beauty of Faithfulness
Genesis 39

Interpreting Dreams
Genesis 40

I Have a Dream
Genesis 41

The Mystery of Egypt
Genesis 42

Tried and True
Genesis 43

Jesus In Judah
Genesis 44

It’s All About Forgiveness
Genesis 45:1-15

God’s Presence
Genesis 46

Genesis 47

The Blessing
Genesis 48

The Family Blessing
Genesis 49

In The Beginning
Genesis 50

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